Learning material for the Golden Ratio

Everyone can learn and enjoy mathematics if its concepts and objectives are explained clearly. In this project, an attempt was made to understand the causes of mathematical anxiety and the present scenario of school education in India as well as Information and communication technologies in education (ICT’s) were studied. The insights derived for effective learning methodologies were then applied in teaching the concept of Golden Ratio to the students in secondary level education. A few learning tools, student manual, posters, hand book for the teachers and iPad application were designed to explain and understand the GOLDEN RATIO and FIBONACCI NUMBERS in mathematics through graphic design.
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Illustrating Indian Folktales

India has a rich culture of folktales and mythological legends. While epics like Ramayana and the Mahabharata have been extensively explored in the visual medium, oral tales that are passed on from generation to generation remain largely untapped. A K Ramanujan’s retellings of these folktales were explored visually in the form of a book and posters to popularise them among children.
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Water Salinity Issues of Coastal Gujarat

This document is a written record of ‘studio one’ (First classroom project at NID), which is based on ‘Salinity issues, promoting drip irrigation systems’. We were asked to brainstorm and come-up with possible project ideas under the theme of water and I chose to focus on water salinity issues at coastal areas of Gujarat. Excessive use of borewells for irrigation is affecting ground water reserves and also resulting in salinity issues that are affecting many family livelihoods. Providing alternative irrigation options to them that minimize water wastage will automatically help in bringing down salinity related issues.
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