Month: December 2020

3D Sculpting & Motion graphics

LALITH ABOUT Zbrush sculpt Texturing done in Substance Painter + Iray render Texturing, Lighting and rendering done in Keyshot Substance Painter Texturing Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Cinema 4D

Galaxy watch voice recorder app UI

LALITH ABOUT UI Design Project 1 Redesigned Galaxy Watch voice recorder app UI Redesigned voice recorder app UI UX by understanding Samsung One UI design principles. Additionally, Handled wearable apps UX (Voice memo, Alti-barometer, etc.) and concepts for smart things (IoT) and watch faces UI Design Project 2 3D motion watch-faces Explored 3D motion design …

Galaxy watch voice recorder app UI
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Tizen Phone UX UI

LALITH ABOUT PROJECT 1 Redesigned Tizen OS changeable UI platform algorithm Research WHO ARE TIZEN USERS?Low segment, Feature phone migrators, Less literate, High aspirations users RESEARCH OBJECTIVE:To illustrate the Personas of Low & Mid segment smartphone users of India in order to design the product better for them OUTCOME:Personas that will Inform, Inspire & Validate …

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Illustrated publications for children

LALITH ABOUT Designed publications and posters Illustrated Indian folktales for kids. India has a rich culture of folktales and mythological legends. While epics like Ramayana and the Mahabharata have been extensively explored in the visual medium, oral tales that are passed on from generation to generation remain largely untapped. A K Ramanujan’s retellings of these …

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Designed Golden Ratio learning tools for children

LALITH ABOUT Graphic Design — Graduation project (Y2014) Designed Mathematics teaching aids — Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers learning tools SPONSOR: FORD FOUNDATION Kids can understand if Golden Ratio exists or not by practical observations with the tools provided. In this project, an attempt was made to understand the causes of mathematical anxiety and the present …

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