AR Emoji 3D Assets creation

for the Middle East and Indian Punjab users

Designed Emoji Outfits and Headwears for Samsung AR Emmoji studio

Research process

01. Secondary Research

02. Concept Proposal

Kaftan: Middle-east women traditional wear

03. Feasibility Check for production

04. Concept proposal to HQ

Kaftan: An overdress similar to the djellaba but without hood. It is usually worn in festive occasions or weddings, it is not used in daily life.

05. Production

Production process

01. Concept from research

Kaftan: Middle-east women traditional wear

02. Low poly modeling in Maya

03. High poly sculpting in Zbrush

04. Retopology & UV unwrap in Maya

05. Skinning in Maya

06. Texturing & colorisation in Substance painter, PS & AI

07. AR Emoji studio & APK generation

08. On-device output and animation testing

** In above 01- 08 asset creation pipeline, except Maya work, rest all Softwares learned and delivered commercial quality assets

Selected concepts from research (Outfits + Head-wears)

High poly sculpting in Zbrush

Head-werar Colorisation

Out-fit Colorisation

Final renders