Graphic Design — Graduation project (Y2014)

Designed Mathematics teaching aids —

Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers learning tools


Kids can understand if Golden Ratio exists or not by practical observations with the tools provided. In this project, an attempt was made to understand the causes of mathematical anxiety and the present scenario of school education in India.

A few learning tools, a student manual, posters, and an iPad app were designed to explain and understand the GOLDEN RATIO and FIBONACCI NUMBERS to the students in secondary level education.

Problem Statement

Many students develop mathematical anxiety in school. This fear keeps them from taking up a wide range of disciplines where maths plays an integral role and thus they lose out on many opportunities.

India - States by Literacy (2011)

Every census since 1881 had indicated rising literacy in the country, but the population growth rate had been high enough that the absolute number of illiterates rose with every decade.

Survey analysis

A survey conducted in 2 English medium schools and 1 Telugu medium govt. school, 3 in total for 97 students. 4 questions were asked.


Out of 90,

— 50 Students having a problem understanding math textbooks.

— 38 Students having a problem understanding math calculations.

72 Students like to learn by a classroom lecture by a teacher.

94 Students are not aware of current online resources.

Tool 1: Creating Golden ratio Caliper

GOAL: Whether golden ratio exists in nature or not students will understand by practical observations with the tools provided. Students will make their own calipers with the help of below printed diagrams and start exploring the nature.

Tool 2: Golden rectangle
student ID card

GOAL: A simple tool that should be accessible to every student to understand the golden ratio. Designed student ID card as Goldern ratio measuring tool, will help students explore nature whenever they want.


Designed two posters to explain the Golden ratio and Fibonacci Numbers concepts. Title and other design elements placed carefully keeping 16 folds for each poster. Students can carry these foldable posters.

Golden ratio & Fibonacci numbers in sunflower

21 petals arranged in 360 degrees to receive maximum sunlight. 21 is a Fibonacci number. Other Fibonacci numbers (13, 21, etc) can also be found in sunflower disk floret.

Student Activity 1 —

Measuring body proportions

Stand against a wall and mark your total height from feet to head and your navel height. Using a measuring tape or a scale,

Tip: A ratio is a relationship between two numbers of the same kind, expressed as “a /b” or a:b. A ratio is a number and it does not have any unit.

Student Manual

Students will start with activity and slowly golden ratio concept reveals to them then concept explanation with examples of paintings and architecture has been provided. Similarly, Fibonacci numbers explained. Tools designed to explore nature for further study.